Spatialconnection(s) is a multidisciplinary architecture and design firm based in Italy that operates globally in micro, macro, mega scales: from furniture design to mixed-use highrise structures, up to the scale of landscape, urban design, and infrastructure.

Founded in 2009 the firm employs innovative tools of investigation, speculation, contamination and evolution for architecture and design in motion, going to encode new scenes of daily life in according with the boundary conditions, the adaptability of economic, socio-political and cultural aspects of the city. Working on complex projects at all scales and sectors setting-up a methodology work-flows among data, communication and given limitations to archive its innovative design.

In order to create successful architectural objects, their spatial and behavioural expression has to be designed in a way that fully opens up the possibilities of interaction with their environment and articulate adaptive correlations between object and context, volume/façade and environmental parameters, between the variously differentiated sub-systems within the building.

Spatialconnection(s)’s vision is specifically geared towards to the new digital culture, continuing an exploration into generative design processes and fabrication systems to produce socially, environmentally, economically performative design solutions and demonstrate their buildability.

Spatialconnection(s) avails itself with architects, designers, programmers, engineers, where practice and research are based on continuous relationship, which want to produce creative and technical solutions through computational design strategies.

Interested in the materialization of the projects the office team is constantly researching through lecturing and teaching at Institute of Advance Architecture of Catalunia (IaaC), Higher College of Technology, National Italian Institute of Architecture, IUAV, University of Naples.

The firm was awarded during 2018 as Emerging Italian Talent Firm of Architecture within the X edition of New Italian Blood