Nothing happens in living Nature that does not bear some relation to the whole. The empirical evidence may seem quite isolated, we may view our experiments as mere isolated facts, but this is not to say that they are, in fact, isolated. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1972)

In nature, the totality of developmental sequence of a biological system from origination to mature state as well as evolution of morphological structure is called morphogenesis.

In morphogenetic processes system intrinsic information and material capacities with enviromental influences and forces to create ever more complex organizations, forms and structures. This increasing morphological

differenziation, the summary process of each system-element's response and adaptation to its location within the overall system and its surrounding eviroment, results in the astounding fuctional integration, performative capacity and material resourcefulness ever present in nature, even in the simplest of organisms.

In this way, growth and adaptation are continuous and hierarchically structured systems.