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concept design



Project description

The Tourism Institute was established in 2007, and launched in 2010. The overriding goal of the institute was simple: to better serve Saudi Arabia’s economy by ensuring the Kingdom is fully prepared to meet international standards of excellence within the tourism industry.
The Institute receives during the course of the year many opportunities for exchange with national and international lecturers and teachers and leading companies in hospitality sector, increasing the vision at the institution and its perception as the best internation institute that provides tourism education and training services.

With this scenario, we want to offer a service of reception and accomodation of visitors changing the first floor of the building for offices purpose and the second floor in 4 stars business hotel with 13 special suites designed in according to the peculiarities of the 13 provinces (or cultural heritage) of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Creating new dynamic possibilities for the building through a re-design of the courtyard and the spaces that overlook it. The court is presented as a excavated volume within the building with enormous formal and functional potentialities.

The design proposals are based in the following keywords:
Art and Technology
Form and Fuction
Beaty and Purpose
Vision and Performance

In the proposal there is a slight changing of the position of certain spaces. In particular, the two stores are designed close to the upper right corner of the court, built up with transparent glass walls and specialized in typical  food and beverage typical of any part of the world. 
The prayer room and the print shop are moved behind the lifts at the right side of the entrance.  This allows to have a direct access from outside as well as from inside.
At the entrance is removed the current filter and two revolving doors are designed as separation from ouside parking lots and sidewalk to inside spaces. The restyling gives more visual and free /sitting area to the reception, and a better differantion of the internal decoration for the room located in the lower left side.  The location and type of some doors has been changed, allow to have more free walls for print art wall or photography/art exhibit. 
The court is fully open and in communication with adjacent spaces, becoming a place of transit, parking, dining, and overthrow all the circulation and viewership barriers. On the first floor the offices will have a gallery on the court allowing a continuous circulation, an immediate communication with the cafeteria, instead the balconies of the hotel rooms are separeted each other.

The design proposal incorporates a geometric typical cladding element of old Jeddah houses. The court is covered and decorated with gold metal cushions that increase the quality of the building itself as well as the feeling of the user into the court.


22.550 sqm

Gross floor area

17.50 m