Nova Cityvillage masterplan







concept design



Project description

The design of the village for foreigners incorporates in its process of analysis the study and the proposition of an architectural and urban character typical of the Italian cities, from roman age to the present.
The urban planning emerges from the overlapping of several layers which connect elements of different meaning and importance, such as gates, the main branches (Cardo and Decumano) and functions provided. The latter in fact want establish the birth of a new lifestyle, where residences are connected with public buildings for free time and leisure, entertainment and culture, dining, shopping and services. This creates a neighborhood that lives 24 hours 24 where residents mix with users from outside, creating a multi cultural variety, also part of the community improvement.
Particular role plays as we thought the lifestyle, according to a cycle of 24 hours divided into three time zones, each from a different functional response to the user; as well as a predominte role was coated in landscape design, offering a village, as a great “golf resort” and where the inhabitant could enjoy the beautiful nature in its totality, trees, lawns, an element of well-being in urban fabric.
The square is a main barycentric element that becomes a collector of life from mid-afternoon until late at night, allowing meetings, the exchange, cultural growth, daily relaxation, within 360° of architectural dynamism.


90.200 sqm

Plot Area


Gross Floor Area

17.151 sqm


29.508 sqm


16.175 smq

Buildings footprint

18.130 sqm

External Area