K2 luxury apartments







concept design


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Project description

The design of the K2 tower façade arises as an integrated emergence of the plot’s surrounding area. Considering the tower not as an isolated self-standing entity, but as the permeation of the actions taking place in its proximity, allows the contextual integration of the design program.

The approach to the conceptual definition has been implemented through the use of a programmed agents simulation. The agents behave as a swarm, responding and relating the tower’s role and position to its adjacent urban environment.

This approach translates into an highly integrated design, acting as a focus and attractor, and extending the mere façade function into becoming the connective tissue of the area. These connections become an exoskeleton, physically extending the façade into outreaching bridges and visually attracting the users.

A varied number of external functions are implemented as intermediate and threshold spaces, dissolving the bounding boundaries of the building into external semi-public permeable spaces, such as restaurants, lounge bars and outdoor sitting areas.

The fluxes converging to the area blend into the façade pattern, determining its porousness and the balconies.


55.240 sqm

Build-up area

1.228 sqm

Footprint area



174.80 m


627.50 sqm

Facilities area




Design Principal: Dario Donato

Project Manager: -

Technical Advisor: -

Design Architects: Filippo Zampese, Paolo de Luca, Sara Gonzalez, Matteo Pacher