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Project description

The vast landscape of Saudi Arabia is composed of a variety of habitats such as mountains, Valleys (Wadis), sandy and rocky deserts, meadows (Raudhahs), salt pans (Sabkhahs) and lava areas (Harrats).

…Will be the most notable new development in Jeddah, attracting visitor, shoppers, business clients and home buyers from the city and the wider region. DUNES creates a new urban district within the city which establishes a unique, attractive and iconic regional retail & business hub connected to an active, sustainable hotel development.
The DUNES Center’s unique shape and dynamic look draws its inspiration from the characteristic elements of the Jeddah landscape and nature.
The towers rise and foldout of the horizontal podium planes and turn their tectonic force into a sculptural, vertical expression.
The DUNES Center will become a highly recognized city landmark that will draw people from throughout the city and the region, with its unique, top-end shopping spaces and entertainment facilities as well as high quality residential areas within a thriving community. 
The DUNES Towers will be the iconic center of the development through the creation of a dramatic landmark.

Towers stand like two stones shaped by the wind of the desert and are incorporated by a plate tectonic sculptural consists of surface variations, openings, folds. Large cracks open on the long sides of the mall and the water emerges like an oasis. The mall is dressed in a transparent ETFE with bright white edges that overnight changes look through a specific progettazone lighting. Filaments of light that draw contour lines in space by changing their color gradient along the route.


120 000 sqm

Site Area

84.533 sqm

Gross Floor Area

125.00 m

Tower 1

71.00 m

Tower 2

25.00 m





Design Principal/CEO: Dario Donato

Project Partner: - 

Design Architects: Filippo Zampese, Paolo de Luca, Oscar Gutierrez Garcia

Engineering: Al Murjan Development