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Project description

Warren Edward Buffett is an American business magnate, the most successful investor in the world. He quoted that makes sense for investor to increase the size of its investments “do not put all your eggs in one basket”. In other words, diversification is the key approach for a start-up company in term of markets, products and services. Thus that as corporate strategy, diversification is refer to new product a new market, but is directly correlate to the actual situation of the business company like market penetration. The last key word has been used to develop a market proliferation as dynamic action to spread out the products or service in certain market or region of markets.

From macro to micro the project investigates how proliferation grows up in nature systems and be able to trace primary and secondary infrastructure on the whole project site, as well as to zone different function areas and last but not least the skin façade of the buildings proposed. The pattern aims to design the fluidity, the articulation and the beauty of cells proliferation as result of cells growth and cells division integrating the buildings into a landscape of the same language.

The Business Center emerges as glass tower partially covered by white aluminum skin on the north and south elevations. The skin designed with a gradient of representation a variable presence from structure along the first levels to structure plus cladding on the roof, where it is place a garden for public open exhibitions, presentations in spring and summer season as well as B2B lounge meeting.

The Business Center is located as hinge of the whole zone of design and will be a new icon for the masterplan. The users and the workers will be attract to a sinuously canopy that empower the lobby-entrance on the north corner, as well as the dialogue between underground a ground on the place.

In order to emphasize the internal space planning, the lobby has been designed as multi-volume where administrative area, sport facilities, restaurant and meeting rooms are connecting on the space itself, creating within this part an overlapping circulation among workers, daily users, tourists.

The project is developed using the latest information technology approach, using building information modeling with visual programming and scripting as well as computation and interoperability to exchange data and information among platform, without any constrains of our innovative creativity and to push the boundary of tools. 




Design Principal: Dario Donato

Project Manager: Antonio Menghini Calderon

Design Architects: Alessandro Raiola, Matteo Pacher