Air Traffic Control Centre Building


Manama - Bahrain


Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications



concept design



Project description

The Air traffic Control center building is integrated inside of the airport of Bahrain and emerges taking inspiration from the current composition of the terminal entrance façade. A series of slats that show the rhythm of partition on top of the volume.
The sculptural form of the ATC cladding that surrounds the internal functions enhances the dynamism of the massing as the action of wind on a plane taking off. The formal complexity is lightened through the use of a custom aluminum panel with a pattern of openings to provide transparency, identify  the volume underneath and to control solar lighting transition. With the same approach was designed the paving of entrance/lobby that through a color and dimensional variation enhances the flow that guides the user to enter to new Center building. The entrance is at the top by a projecting volume that allows the drop off of the authorities as well as a common open area to be use as shelter. The reception shows a warm and welcoming character by connecting with a bar, offices on the ground floor and the control room and ancillary offices upstairs.




Design Principal: Dario Donato

Project Manager: Antonio Menghini Calderon

Design Architects: Alessandro Raiola, Matteo Pacher