Talents of Architecture 2017

Dario, from Viterbo, is Founder and Design Principal of the international studio of architecture and design Spatialconnection(s).

«Writing about music is like dancing about architecture». The phrase has been attributed to many people over the years, from Frank Zappa to Thelonius Monk, but nobody has ever known for sure who said it.

When I asked Dario Donato to tell me which arts had marked him during the maturation of the experience that took him to his very high levels, he answered: «Lately I think a lot about dance, its language, how to combine it with the dynamic nature of architecture. Like photography, dance gives me the possibility of studying the body and his conduct. My architecture moves a lot, in fact, in the fourth dimension: time».

So I thought yes: it is possible to dance about architecture, just like it is possible to write about the musicality of an engineer who works as an architect, a professional who has worked with Fuksas, van Egeraat and the NBBJ studio – and who then founded his own studio of international renown: Spatialconnection(s). A young man from Lazio who projects his profession around the world, in particular in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar); a lecturer in computational geometry who talks about growth of coral and the formality of languages that oppose each other to talk about his Perfect Dream Hotel in Jeddah.

There are skyscrapers around the world that have their roots in Viterbo: the Bobigny Business Center in Paris, for example, the K2 Tower in Dubai or the Gourmet Complex in Molewa, works that are founded on an architecture that contains spaces, keywords and obsessions that become bridges. «This is my creative business, my concept of perfection, the key process of all my idea of the world». text written by Elisa Casseri