Digital creative contamination

The transcript of the complexity of the contemporary world through the project of architecture and design, today is enriched with new tools that allow us to implement this computational process, through a kind of visual programming.

The potential in terms of coding and management of complexity, make the software Rhino.Grasshopper one of the major players in the digital world.

The book stands as a practical manual of everyday life in the digital workshop, where in addition to illustrate and explain the individual components that the software provides, offers some real simulation of the architect or designer of the new generation. The book is, therefore, not only a component of acquisition technique, but also a clear expression of approach in the method for solving a mathematical creativity, in which aesthetics, precision and feasibility of the project are to fit together.

During the flow of teaching, the concepts will be reinforced by introducing the theory of generative project and its applications through Grasshopper.Genoform.

His organization holds a double meaning, it is a reference guide to the language and describes all matters, from the fundamentals of computation, math classes and string classes, up to the study of data structures for the management, manipulation, alteration. This book teaches you how to build digital tools customized for the construction of a mathematical creativity.

In addition to this is the latest news, updates, and the differences between the latest versions.

All this is offered with a simple and clear language, with in-depth, putting the single user (the basic knowledge or expert) to ease the assimilation of new concepts.


ISBN 9781291215298

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Publisher Dario Donato

Published 23 november 2012

Language Italian

Pages 229

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